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Xlendi is a small fishing
village situated in the South West part of the island of Gozo. It is surrounded by the villages of Munxar, Fontana and Kercem. Sheltered by breathtaking cliffs and a valley that leads to the sea, Xlendi is an admirably scenic bay. Xlendi is well-known for the pebbly beach which is good for swimming and sunbathing and it is also sought by many for unique and impressive diving sites that have a highly clear visibility. Many restaurants surround the bay offering the tourist a taste
of local fresh fish and traditional food. Another unique feature
of the area of Xlendi is the extensive countryside where
one can walk along the winding rocky paths to get to the centre of Xlendi.
Numerous caves enclose the sides of the bay. One of the most known and visited caves is the cave called Ta’ Karolina which rests on the right cliffs of Xlendi. The cave is named after Caroline Cauchi, a wealthy lady who used to own the cave. The secluded Ta’ Karolina cave is accessible
by stairs leading from the bay, over the cliffs and down to the cave where one can also swim in deeper water. Another cave is that called Catherine of Siena Cave which is further away from the bay, also on the right side. This cave has strikingly clear
blue waters.
     A church had been built
above the cave by locals in the 1600’s and the cave is named after the saint to which the church was dedicated.
In Xlendi there is also a
chapel dedicated to “Our Lady of Mount Carmel” which dates back to 1868. Even though Xlendi is a tiny village, it still has its own village “festa” every first Sunday of September, dedicated to the patron saint. This “festa” is very popular with locals and tourists for the traditional water games that are organised. Religious festivities take place all week, and end on Sunday evening with
a procession held around Xlendi with the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
     On the left side of Xlendi
bay there is also another small valley. This valley, called
Il-Kantra, is quite deep and it is inhabited by many types of flora and fauna since there is minimal human interference.
Il-Kantra is fortified by a
tower that takes us back to the year 1650, built by Grandmaster Lascaris. This tower was constructed to guard the bay and the southwest part of the island from pirates and Turks.
     This popular tourist resort is minutes away from the island’s capital city, Victoria, but still it is a quiet and peaceful area.
Xlendi Tower